Pollen-pocalypse: Getting That Neon Dust Off Everything

Ah, Spring. The temperatures are warm, bottles of rosé are highlighted at every store, and the greenery of our area comes alive with new blooming. We rush outside, only to discover that everything is covered in pollen that agitates our allergies, blankets our cars and patios, and infiltrates our clothes. Below we’re sharing the best tips for cleaning up pollen around the home:

For Glass Surfaces:


For wood and plastic surfaces:

  • Brush off as much pollen as possible, then use a gentle cleaner. A simple combination of dish soap and water will work well.


  • For a deck, brush the deck if the pollen is thick, then hose down the deck or mop with a simple cleaning solution.


For patio chair cushions or fabric: 

  • Brush off pollen as best as you can. You can beat the pillows together to help naturally remove the pollen.


  • Use a simple solution to wipe down the cushions, then wipe with a dry paper towel. Apartment therapy recommends this easy DIY solution for patio cushions.


  • You can hose cushions down if necessary, but make sure that they can dry quickly- either in the sun or in the dryer if they are dryer friendly. You may want to push down on the cushions after hosing them to help remove excess liquid. Cushions that remain damp may develop mildew or a bad odor.


  • If you’re really ambitious, consider using a fabric protector after washing.


For Clothes:

  • Try to treat the stain as possible.


  • Shake as much pollen off of the material as possible. Do not rub the stain.


  • Wash as you normally would.