Tips on how to FRY your Turkey, not FLY your Turkey!

image001Deep Frying a Turkey
Despite the added risks and calories, deep frying turkey is becoming increasingly popular. If you plan to deep fry your turkey follow these simple tips:

  • Fryers should be used according to directions
  • Fryers should be used outdoors and a safe distance from combustible/flammable materials – NEVER use a fryer on a wooden deck, under a patio cover, in a garage or in an enclosed space
  • Do not overfill fryer
  • Do not leave fryer unattended
  • Never let children or pets near fryer while in use
  • Use well insulated oven mitts or pot holders
  • Wear long sleeves & safety goggles
  • Turkey must be completely thawed before it is placed in the fryer
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby
  • If a fire occurs, call 911 immediately