Selling Your Home During the Winter

Selling Your Home During the Winter

“Who would sell their house during the winter?!” A close friend of mine asked me recently. I could understand her point of view, that homes look more elegant with everything in bloom, the warmer months are nicer for house hunting and that selling or buying would seem more stressful among the winter holidays. Winter listings may seem questionable for these reasons, but buying or selling a home during the winter is not impossible. There may even be some hidden benefits like less competition and more attention from buyers. Ultimately, it is a great idea to meet with a realtor and get an idea of what season might be best for selling your home. With that said, we’re laying our tips for of selling your home during the winter months.

1. Learn About Your Local Market

Is the real estate market steady all year long? Or are certain months better than others? A licensed agent can help you navigate your local market and assist you in creating a plan for selling your home.

2. Keep it Warm

Don’t scare off potential buyers with frigid home temperatures! Drafts and cold rooms may steer buyers away. Make sure your home is nice and toasty to encourage buyers to linger and get a good feel for your home. Does your home have a fireplace? Light it up!

Selling Your Home During the Winter Brighten up your home with natural light and pops of color.

3. Light it Up

Winter months can be dreary and dark- don’t let it flow to the inside of the home! Keep lights on during showings and add colorful statement pieces (such as blankets!) or flowers to any area of the home that needs some life. Keep blinds and curtains open to maximize natural light.

4. Clean Your Windows

In addition to maximizing the light in your home, make sure that your windows are nice and clean! Fall and winter can take a toll on the cleanliness of the glass, so it never hurts to take a second look!

winter-door-decoration-christmas1    Call attention to the architecture of your home with decorations, plants, or other structures.

5. Keep Walkways and Entryways Clean

Both walkways and entryways are a buyers first impression of a home. Keep them clear and clean by raking leaves, getting rid of muddy boots, and touching up any scuffs to provide potential buyers with a comfortable and welcoming feel.

6. Dress Up The Outside & Play Up Architecture

In addition to clearing walkways, consider adding winter plants, urns, or structures that elevate your home and make the architecture pop.