How To Boost Your Mood At Home

You unlock your door and take a huge sigh as you enter your home. There are some dishes left in the sink, mail scattered across the countertops and to do lists and post-its swallowing your desk. Instead of being a welcoming oasis after a long day at work, it is just more stress. Does this scene sound familiar? You’re certainly not alone, but there are plenty of good ways (and some scientific ways!) to make your home more relaxing. Below we’re sharing the science of home decor and a few of our personal tips for relaxation at home.

  • Contain the mess. While we can all agree this is usually easier said than done, keeping a tidy home will help you feel more organized and relaxed. Try making a schedule for cleaning or complete chores as soon as you get home to get them out of the way. If organization is a recurring problem, look to Pinterest or Home Decor sites for home organization ideas.
  • Add a scent. Adding a scent to your space can reduce stress and even lift your mood. If you’re worried about candles, essential oils and diffusers are a great alternative. Lavender and vanilla are great scents for relaxation, but we recommend searching for a scent that appeals most to you.
  • Fresh air. When possible, opening the window is a great way to improve the circulation in your home and clean out any unwanted scents. Plus, we can’t think of anything better than sitting by a refreshing breeze.


Do you have any tips for decorating or relaxation? Share them in the comments! We would love to hear them!