Where to keep your fitness resolutions in Wilmington NC

Where to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions in Wilmington


Ah, the holiday hangover, where fatigue from hosting family and regret from eating all of those Christmas cookies sinks in. No matter how hard we try, guilty indulgences and fatigue often find their way into the holidays. But whether you are making fitness resolutions for New Years, or if you are just looking to move your body after a few days of rest, this list is for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best places and classes in Wilmington to help you meet your goals

Wrightsville Beach Loop

If you’re looking for a casual walk or bike ride, the Wrightsville Beach Loop is a perfect option. A total of 2.56 miles, this loop offers great scenic views while you stroll or sweat it out. Check out a map here.
Bonus: Close to the beach and you can bring your pup (just remember to pick up after him or her, or you could face a fine up to $250!).

Wilmington Yoga Center

This studio offers a variety of classes from beginner to expert and provides the most relaxing environment in each studio.
Bonus: Wilmington Yoga Center offers a free introductory class for beginners and discounts for new students.

Pure Barre

This ballet inspired workout may look easy but it will truly put you to work. The low-impact workout utilizes a barre and targets your core, legs and arms for a great all-over workout. Check out the Wilmington location and class schedules here.
Bonus: Cute “Pure Barre” socks are available for purchase and the Wilmington location is close to Epic Food Co, which offers healthy bites for a great post workout snack.

Wilmington Latin Dance

For those of you looking to turn up the heat, stop by Wilmington Latin Dance for salsa lessons! The studio offers classes for beginners and for those with experience. Check out their schedule here!
Bonus: They also arrange a salsa evening at King Neptune’s in Wrightsville Beach every Tuesday night as well as a social at Islands one Saturday night every month (and occasionally a day-time social at the Calico Room).

Defy Gravity

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to burn a few calories, head to Defy Gravity trampoline park. Come just to jump around or to one of their special nights, or if you’re looking to increase your heart rate just a little more, try their GravityFit course.
Bonus: Feeling like a kid again.

Crossfit Reignited

There are several places to get your crossfit workout on in the Wilmington area, but this one comes highly recommended to us. This popular workout is high-impact but comes with results- some of our friends and family members have quickly met their fitness goals with a crossfit routine. Check out their services and schedule here.
Bonus: Great staff make this gym highly rated.