Recommending Wilmington- Restaurant Edition

You’ve just moved into town, you haven’t filled the new fridge yet and you’re starving. Sounds like you need a few recommendations from some born and raised locals (and a few transplants)! Luckily, you’ve landed in a terrific foodie city and you have a lot of options. We’ll start you off with Part 1 of Recommending Wilmington- Restaurant Edition.

If you’re up for trying something exotic, Amanda recommends Indochine. You’ll find staples from Thailand and Vietnam served in an incredible atmosphere. Indochine boasts a large courtyard with koi ponds and tiki huts. “The service is excellent and the pho soup is my absolute favorite dish” Amanda told me. Conveniently located off of Market Street, next to The Ivy Cottage.

A relative newcomer to the Wilmington food scene is The Golden Chicken. Simple food, but delicious, their specialty is Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, served along with the signature green sauce and yellow sauce. A little bird told me that their ceviche is crazy delicious!

Craving some Italian? Eddie Romanelli’s in Leland is a favorite of Jill’s! Reliably delicious pizza, huge portions of their specialties and great prices mean you can satisfy the bellies of your entire familglia without breaking the bank. Jill very highly recommends their strawberry cheesecake (which someone may or may not know for a fact makes an excellent breakfast).

Let’s say you’re relocating to Wilmington, NC from California or New York. You’re probably harboring fantasies of the delicious Southern classics that will be available on very corner. Let us guide you to Casey’s Buffet located on Oleander Drive. Try a little bit of every dish, including bbq pork, fried chicken, fried okra (it’s yummy. Really!), collard greens, and sweet potatoes. Finish that up with a slice of pecan pie and wash it down with cool sweet tea. Tastes like heaven, ya’ll!

Hopefully, this tides you over and satisfies your taste buds until our next edition. What are your favorite spots in the Port City?