Love It or Loathe It? The Tiny House Craze

tiny house

Image via Tammy Strobel on Flickr.

The tiny house craze is one of the newest home trends in the past few years and has even inspired Tiny House Hunters a spinoff of the classic HGTV House Hunters series.

These tiny house hunters and tiny house lovers enjoy the downsizing draw of the small homes and since many are also portable, those looking to travel more and work less can finally have the best of both worlds.

On the other hand, there are people like me who cannot imagine having 400 (or so) square feet as my ENTIRE living space. While I love the idea of being able to travel more and work less, I’m not yet willing to give up my beloved walk in closet or full-size appliances. While I

There’s a lot to love or a lot to be desired with these tiny homes, depending on how you look at it. We’re sharing some of the pros and cons of this trend below!


  • Downsizing.
    If your home is too big to manage, you can cut down on space by purchasing a tiny home. It could be a great option for a couple or individual living on their own.


  • Low cost.
    While tiny homes vary in size and cost, most are affordable and cost just a few thousand dollars. Not to mention, the mortgage payments are usually much more affordable and less cost usually allows for more savings.


  • Quicker cleaning time!
    With a tiny home, there’s less to clean and the small home will be more manageable than a whole house.


  • Lower utility bills.
    A smaller space will take less time to heat or cool and the utility bills will be much lower than in a larger home.


  • Lower carbon footprint.
    Tiny homes produce less energy and waste, benefitting the environment.


  • Mobility.
    Most tiny homes are mobile and bring a whole new meaning to “pack up and go”. That being said, the cost of moving a tiny home can still be costly and could be a con.


  • Space.
    This is obvious, yes. But it is important to consider all the activities that you like to do in a full-size home. Do you like to cook? A tiny home may not afford you as much counter or prep space. Do you like to entertain? Most tiny homes can utilize the outdoors, but you may not be able to host your whole family inside of a tiny house. Take into consideration all of your activities – even the ones you do just some of the time- to make sure that you will be happy in a tiny home.


  • Lack of personal space.
    If you’re looking to live in a tiny house with a friend, partner, spouse, or kids, you should definitely consider personal space. Will you need some alone time? What if you get in a fight and want to spread out?


  • Storage.
    Many tiny homes get creative with storage, but you still may not be able to bring all of your beloved items into your new space. Consider the storage dimensions in a tiny home, you may be able to roll up your shirts, but do you have room for that guitar? Factor in the cost of a storage unit if you’re unwilling to part with all of your items.

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