Decorating your Rental Home for Halloween

So. You love the Fall. And you really love Halloween. You’ve got boxes of spooky decor tucked into every available space in the house but you’re afraid to display any of it because you’re a renter. Never fear! We’ve got a few tips to help you indulge your love of all things Halloween while avoiding potential damage to your rental.

Tip 1: Focus on items that don’t require nailing down. Go crazy at the pumpkin patch, splurge on mums from one of our local Wilmington nurseries. They’ll add wonderful atmosphere to both the exterior and interior. Set up a tiny graveyard in your front yard and hang spiderwebs from the trees. Don’t forget to add some of those creepy fake ravens and skulls to really give your guests the shivers!

Tip 2: If you have some great stuff that’s just crying out for display on your walls, try some Command hooks. This nifty invention sticks to the wall using an adhesive that, once removed per the instructions, leaves the paint job intact. No nail holes, no sweat come move out. They’re also great for using on the front door to display a wreath.

Tip 3: Create a shape large enough to fit your windows using black poster board. Cut out large jack-o-lantern face in each window size shape. Get creative! Use double-sided tape to hang them in the windows and voila! You’ve just made your home the talk of the street every time you turn the lights on at night.

Tip 4: Use special lighting effects to catch the eye of trick-or-treaters! A black LED floodlight in the front yard, painting your home in an eerie purple glow, flashes of lightening, or neon green mist creeping in your landscaping all go a very long way to making a huge impact without harming your rental.

Check out this page with even more tips:

What are some of your tips and ideas for decorating your rental home for Halloween?