10 Tips to Make Your Move Easier

10 Tips to Make Your Move Easier | Dianne Perry & Company Blog
Are you moving soon? While I have yet to meet anyone who describes moving as fun, ending up in your dream home or in a great new city always makes the process rewarding. Packing boxes and moving furniture can be tedious, so below are 10 tips to make your move easier!

1. Set a budget for moving!
First, set a budget for your move. Are you going to use movers? If so, remember that you may need to factor in the cost of gas and tips for the movers. Call local companies for a quote so you can get a ballpark idea of the cost. Most companies will have you fill out a list of items and furniture in your home to provide a more accurate quote.If you are looking to just rent a truck, you will also want to call in advance for a quote. Many companies have busy moving weekends and require a reservation. If you wait until the last minute, you may also be quoted a higher rate.Moving can have unexpected costs (like bubble wrap, new home items, and pizza) so set aside funds prior to moving and allow for some flexibility to your budget.

2. Talk with your family or roommates about your moving plan.When you make your reservation, be it for movers or just a truck rental, it is a good idea to try and also plan the following:

  • The amount of time you will need to take off from work, if applicable.
  • Who will be driving the truck rental and who will drive your family or personal vehicle.
  • What route you will take to your new home. Some trucks have to avoid certain roads and/or parkways.
  • What time you plan to leave and what time you plan to arrive.
  • How you will transport your furry friends (if you have them).
  • The amount of time you will need prior to moving and the day of moving. Don’t forget to factor in time for cleaning your rental or home prior to leaving for your new place!


3. If your travel time will take multiple days, purchase a lock for your truck or trucks to keep your personal items secure.

10 Tips to Make Your Move Easier | Dianne Perry & Company Blog


4. If you have to take any furniture apart, put nails and screws into a small plastic bag with a post-it note enclosed inside that notes what item it goes with. It may also be helpful to take photos while de-assembling furniture to remember how to reassemble. 


5. Use garbage bags and rubber bands to quickly pack up your closet. Tie your hangers at the top while your clothes are still hanging and then cover with a garbage bag and tie at the top. I used this trick when moving recently and it definitely saved some time when unpacking my closet!


 6Label your boxes! Label what room each box is going t0 and note the contents where you may need to. (I.e. “Kitchen: plates and cups” and “Kitchen: pots and pans”. You will probably want to get your dining ware out first!). Label the sides AND the tops of the boxes so that you can quickly see the what the contents hold from any angle.


7. Create a “First Day” moving box or boxes. Keep this box in your car or right at the end of the truck for quick access. Fill the box (or boxes) with everything you will need for the first 24 hours. This will usually include snacks, paper plates and utensils, towels, shower curtain and bath and hygiene products. You may also want to pack coffee and your coffee maker in these first day boxes, or know where the nearest coffee shop is near your new home! If you have pets, be sure that you have their supplies easily accessible as well.


8. You may want to pack your first day essentials in a clear plastic container so there is no chance of it getting shuffled with the other boxes. 


9. Each individual who is moving should also create an overnight bag. This should include a pair or two of clothes, any medications, personal documents and cell phone chargers!


10. Remember to breathe! Moving isn’t easy and takes time! Remember that it will all get done and don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to get everything perfect right away.