You are Part of Our Family

Wilmington North Carolina is a growing, coastal city. It is filled with interesting places, historical sites, and burgeoning industries. Home to the port for the United States Coast Guard’s USCGC Dilligence, and the World War II battleship war memorial, USS North Carolina, this city is a wonderful place steeped in service. We are the industry’s leading real estate company offering property management Wilmington NC. If you are looking for a place to rent, trying to find a company with compatible values that is suitable for managing your rental properties or properties, if you have more than one, look no further.

We are a family owned and operated company that excels at marketing properties and matching potential tenants with properties that are perfect for their criteria. Dianne Perry was the first female Wilmington real estate broker to become a licensed member of the Wilmington Board of Realtors. Since that time, Dianne has been outstanding at forging relationships that last with property owners and tenants. We want you to feel as though your family is part of our family when working with us. We get to know our clients and a large percentage of new clients are actual referrals from those that we have helped in the past.

Tenants have their own criteria that they are looking for. When they reach out to us, we listen to their list of needs and wants. After understanding their needs, we simply match them with one of our properties that we manage. We have a thorough understanding of the rental property laws, tenants’ rights’ and how to effectively manage expectations. Start your search today and give our property management office in Wilmington NC a call, or click to view our Wilmington Long Term Rentals.

Many times property owners do not realize the exhausting ins and outs associated with maintaining rental properties, and ensuring the their tenants maintain the property in accordance with their lease agreement. Finding a suitable tenant can sometimes be the largest burden, when it should not be. There are countless suitable, potential tenants in the area and more people move to the area each year.

The day to day challenges that are associated with offering a property for rent can definitely become a burden and they are easily handled by our management staff when you turn over the management of your rental property to us. Sometimes clients do not even realize the burden that their rental properties are becoming. After our team takes over, it is then that they realize they have more free time, less stress, and even more of a return from their investment. We have the tools needed to effectively market and manage your rental properties in Wilmington NC and the coastal areas.