Wilmington Property Managment

Tips for Potential Tenants/Renters

Truth, integrity and reliability are just a few key words that would describe our company and work ethic. We have been the foremost Wilmington Property Management company since making these the focus points of our Wilmington realty office.

We saw a great need for Wilmington property management after hearing from so many suitable tenants looking for area long term Wilmington NC Home Rentals and apartment rentals. We also heard the same need from property investors and owners.

Here, we have laid out some helpful tips for both tenants and property owners that are considering working with our property management company in Wilmington.

Tips for Potential Tenants

  • Check and know your credit rating. Try to maintain and improve your credit scores.
  • Inspect any property before signing a lease. Make notes of needed repairs and communicate to the landlord about them. Reach an agreement that both parties keep in writing if the repairs are not to be made immediately.
  • Read your lease carefully. Request a copy of your lease to keep for your records if one is not provided.
  • Always ask for a receipt for the rental payment (especially if you are paying it with cash)
  • Before moving out of the property at the end of the lease, have the landlord inspect the rental for damages that may affect your security deposit.

Our Wilmington Property Management team would love to show you potential properties that are ready to move in. We are currently leasing a wide range of homes and apartments. We have units that are 1 bedroom studio sized rentals all the way up to large homes that could accommodate a family of 4-6.