The Importance of a Move-In Inspection

On your journey to find your perfect long term rental with our property management companies Wilmington NC, we want to ensure that your rental will be long lasting and is in good condition for you upon moving in. Because of this dedication that can only come from a family owned and operated company, we recommend that an inspection of the property is conducted prior to you signing and moving in.

Various little things could be damaged in properties and overlooked when first viewing the property, but these small fixes can pile up to create a lot of work for you to handle post move-in. As your property manager, we would like to prevent you from having to deal with this situation.

Inspections are easily done and cover every inch of your possible long term rental. Everything, from something as important as the foundation of the property to the shutters on the windows, will be inspected to make sure that you have the optimal living condition in your long term rental. Other important aspects of your prospective rental that will be investigated are the driveway, the heating and cooling systems, the roof, the plumbing fixtures, and all electrical fixtures. Many more details would be covered in the inspection, but these are just a few of the key factors that can play into the condition of your rental, and therefore the condition of your life at this property.

Should damages occur while you are currently a tenant in one of our many beautiful Wilmington properties, we offer a maintenance service that can come and repair whatever problems you are having. If you want to handle the repairs yourself, we also offer consultation on how to best go about fixing the problems you are experiencing. Here at Dianne Perry & Co., we value your comfort and satisfaction in the living condition of your rental and will do our very best to ensure you have the optimal conditions.