Tenants and Property Owners

The relationship and communication between the tenants and property owners of our long term rentals is important. A lot of the discussions can be handled through us as your property manager. As a property owner, you should have no concerns about your rental, for we will handle the day to day business of renting your property, making sure the proper condition is kept, as well as ensuring that your tenants pay their rent on time.

A lot of thought is put into the possible relationship between renter and owner and investigated during the preliminary portions of our system. We like to ensure that our clients will have the best possible relationship and that there will be no issues between parties.

Checks on both our prospective tenants and property owners are conducted. Inspections are done on the properties to guarantee that proper conditions are met. Background and credit checks are a part of our rental agreement, so we know for a fact that our renters can pay their rent and will be responsible tenants.

As your Wilmington property management company, we like to keep an open line of communication with our property owners. We like for you to know what is happening with your tenants and keep you informed of anything that we learn about your property. Routine drive-by’s happen as well as inspections during the tenancy, where we will alert you of any changes or damages that need fixing.

We pride ourselves in having a comfortable environment for both parties and working to make sure both sides are handled properly and efficiently. Making sure that the tenants and our property owners are happy is a very important thing to our company. Any repair service can be provided by our maintenance crew to get problems solved as quickly as possible. It’s these kinds of acts and services we provide that makes Dianne Perry & Co. one of the leading property management companies Wilmington NC as well as a successful real estate firm in the area.