Ready To Get Your Property Rented?

Do you have a property in the Wilmington area that you are wanting to rent out? Have you tried renting your own property before? Are there maintenance problems with your property? All of these factors and more will be handled by our specialist when you bring your property to Dianne Perry & Co, one of the leading Wilmington property management companies.

When you bring your property to us, we will do an entire evaluation and report if there are any physical factors that could hinder the rental of your property. We pride ourselves in keeping the management of our rental properties as per the rental agreements. Because of this, we offer a full service maintenance crew that can handle any issues that your property might be faced with. If you would rather do the repairs and maintenance yourself, we can easily advise you on how to take care of the problem in the most efficient and effective way possible.

There are many factors that play into getting your property rented, and sometimes those factors can be a lot for a property owner to handle. Adding on the work in finding and getting someone to rent your property and maintaining it over a period of time on top of all of the everyday battles that a person faces can become taxing. That is where we come in. As one of the leading companies in the Wilmington property management industry, with decades of experience under our belt and the compassion and dedication that comes from being a family owned and operated company, we will be determined to get your property rented in a timely fashion and to a tenant that will fit and manage your property well. We will take the stresses off of you and handle all of the grunt work behind getting your property rented.

In addition to the stresses of just getting your property rented, there are the concerns of who is renting your property, and if this person will properly maintain it. We handle these concerns as well by thoroughly inspecting our prospective tenants and making sure they are appropriately matched to a property and property owner. Our process of renting includes credit checks and background checks, which insures that there will be no issues from tenants with paying rent. In regards to maintenance, there is a portion of the rental agreement that discusses how the property should be managed. Additionally, our company does random drive by’s to make sure that the exterior of the rental is in good shape. We also conduct inspections during the rental period of your property to see for ourselves how the interior and exterior are and if there are any problems that we have not been made aware of.