Property Management Companies in Wilmington NC

Here We Answer some Frequently Asked Questions:

We are the foremost of the property management companies in Wilmington NC. Here, a few of our specialists discuss some of the commonly asked questions that we get from potential clients. If you do not see your question answered below, send us an email, or give us a call. We’d love to help you.


I need to rent a home, how do I get started?
Search our online inventory or give us a call and set up a meeting with us to check out a few open spaces. We have a diverse inventory of Wilmington NC long term rentals such as homes, apartments, studio spaces and more. We’ll talk about your needs and wants, and then get started finding your ideal rental.

I need a certain type of space; will there be a rental that fits my ideal criterion?
Yes, most certainly! We have a diverse inventory. We can discuss your criteria for the ‘perfect’ place, location, etc. and select units to show you.

What will I need to provide in order to rent?
We have an easy application process. We check your credit scores, current employment, and do proper background checks. We also have specific things that we will look at such as your past rental history, or we will request that you have a co-signer sign the lease agreement with you vouching for your integrity.

Property Owners:

I’m a property owner; what is the process to begin working together?
The process is simple and easy. We try to make things as easy as they can be. We would love to speak with you about your rental, and the needs that you have. We pride ourselves on being one of the best property management companies in Wilmington NC.

Do you do background checks on potential renters?
Yes, of course! We have an application process that each tenant must go through in order to rent from our company, and a background check is included in that process.

How fast will my unit be rented?
We will market your Wilmington NC home rental aggressively and get your unit’s information in front of those that are searching for property management companies Wilmington NC and rentals. This market is quite large, which makes the rental environment one of the best in the state. A few things factor into how fast your unit will be rented. We spotlight the best aspects of any property and our process is one that we do not show units to tenants that are not a suitable match for the home or apartment. Instead, we get to know our clients and match them with a rental that suits them perfectly. This is one reason why we have a high success rate and short periods that property owners must wait before they have a renter that has signed a rental lease agreement.