Our Area

The Wilmington, North Carolina area is full of something for everyone. The diverse port town offers the historic river district as well as the sunny, colorful beaches on the surrounding islands. Perfect for families as well as the younger crowd that it attracts with its resident college, there are many local restaurants, beaches, concerts, and events going on all during the summer months as well as the off season. There is always an endless supply of things to do. Everything from paddle boarding and surfing to dancing at one of the boardwalks to relaxing on one of the many beaches is available within reasonable distance from a number of our rentals, and any of our experienced property managers can help get you into the best rental for you nearby a number of Wilmington’s activities and restaurants. Not only are we experienced in the Wilmington area and know how to find exactly what you are looking for in your desired area, but Dianne Perry, owner of Dianne Perry & Co., was a pioneer woman in the Wilmington Real Estate industry, being the first woman to be a licensed member of the Wilmington Board of Realtors. As a forerunner in this region’s real estate and property management industry, who else would be better to lead your long term rental search?

Located on one of Wilmington’s surrounding islands, Pleasure Island, on the northern side is the gem of a beach known as Carolina Beach. Its unique blend of modern, family oriented atmosphere with the classic charm of an old beach sets this location apart from any other. Boardwalks along the many miles of open beaches, incredible fishing, and the abundance of festivals create the relaxed but active summer lifestyle so many people crave. Many restaurants are on the island as well as an amazing donut shop that will be celebrating their 75th anniversary. What more do you need to hear to know the Carolina Beach area would be the perfect spot for your long term rental?

Wrightsville Beach is another of the area’s beautiful beaches with countless outdoor activities, endless streams of beaches, and activities and events for anyone and everyone. In addition to this abundance of things to do, Wrightsville Beach also happens to be North Carolina’s easiest accessible beach. This allows for many people to visit and fall in love with the area, then never want to leave. Not only are there the normal beach activities and events, but there are also education centers with kid-friendly programs as well as camps for kids of all ages to have exciting adventures.