Maintenance – Our Commitment to You – We Won’t Let You Down

As part of our dedication to complete customer care while handling residential property management in Wilmington, we keep a high standard when it comes to protecting your rental investment. For home owners, this is crucial for saving their investment property for the long term. Our goals are to keep you satisfied for years to come and maintain a long term Wilmington property management with you. You want tenants to take proper care of your property and maintain it so that you can use it as an investment for years to come.

When we take on your rental unit or Wilmington NC home for rent, we go over every detail about your property so that we can manage it like it is our own property. This ensures that our high standards for care are met. You may already be thinking of a few minor repairs and things that will need maintenance on your property. Our company is set up to handle repairs if they arise, or we can effectively communicate repairs to you and serve as an advisor to you and the tenant living in your rental home. We really tailor our approach to your needs and wants allowing for unparalleled, customized service. You do not have to work with our repair crews, but we certainly provide them if it’s needed. In a time where more and more families are renting, this is key.

Years of Service

Our company has decades of service, twenty years to be exact, in our mental tool belt that we can recall and look to for guidance. After serving Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Sunset Beach and all of the enclaves in this coastal region, we are extremely skilled in trouble shooting the issues that can arise in any home or property. We can also handle working with your warranties on the homes necessities such as water heaters, electrical appliances, and plumbing. Tenants appreciate working with a company that can handle normal repairs for their landlord in a timely manner.

Something that sets us apart from other Wilmington property management companies is that we thoroughly check and screen each potential tenant before renting to them. We do random pass by’s of all of our rental properties in our management program to check on their exterior appearance to ensure that the property is taken care of on the outside. We do not wait until we have a concern; we check things out routinely. We also have an inspection plan where we check each rental during the time that a tenant is living in the unit, to see if there are things that need repair that we have not been made aware of yet and to ensure that the condition of the property that is agreed on in the lease is being maintained.