How Can We Help You Choose the Right Rental?

As a long term rental company, a tenant’s satisfaction is crucial in ensuring that the rental agreement will work for the entire duration of their stay. That is why here at Dianne Perry & Co. we pride ourselves in making sure each tenant is matched with rentals that fit exactly what they are searching for. We do not waste time showing prospective renters properties that we know do not fit their criteria. When we meet with a new client, we make sure to discuss their wants and needs for their rental, and we compile a list of rentals tailored to each client’s essentials.

So what do you want out of your long term rental? As a leading property management company Wilmington, we have a variety of properties in our catalog to search through and allow for us to meet your needs as well as possible. Location, number of bedrooms, pet friendly, and condition of the property: any of those factors and more can go into the equation as we search for your next rental.

What Factors Should Be Considered in Your Decisions?

Many details are taken into consideration when dealing with a long term rental, but as your property manager, it is our job to see that you find the perfect fit for you. So is it location that is driving your search? Or maybe you want a larger rental for your family? Either way, there are certain key things you should look for before signing any rental agreement.

Is the rental in good condition? If the rental has damages or repairs that should be made, that can be included in the rental agreement. These can either be taken care of prior to you moving in, or they can be handled after, but you should have that written in the agreement somewhere to ensure it gets fixed within an appropriate time period.

Has the rental been inspected? An inspection is important to ensure that the living conditions of the property are suitable. If one has not been conducted, you should arrange for it prior to signing any agreement. Should there be issues discovered, they can be incorporated into the agreement to secure that they will be fixed.

Other factors like your required number of rooms, space, location, style, etc. can be easily taken care of by our experienced staff, who knows the Wilmington area very well. As far as experience and knowledge are concerned in the Wilmington property management world, Dianne Perry & Co. are more than qualified to guide you on your search for your next long term rental.