Benefits of a Long Term Rental

Whether you are a young family starting off on your feet, a college student looking for housing during the school year, or you have never bought a home before, a long term rental can be exactly what you are looking for! The benefits of a long term rental are countless.

The benefits of being able to rent on a month to month basis or set up in your contract how long you are planning on renting and then possibly renewing your lease again allows for a lot of freedom for tenants. Many people look for long term rentals as a transitional location. Maybe you are in college, maybe you just moved out of your parents’ house, or maybe your credit is not what it should be to buy a home, long term rentals are solutions for almost any situation. And we are here for you to aid you in this search for your perfect long term rental. As your Wilmington property management company, we will guide and search with you through as many properties as needed to ensure that you find the right one.

As an owner, how does turning your property into a long term rental benefit you? Maybe you have that one vacation home that you have not been to in a while and do not want to pay for the up keep. Maybe you need the extra income that comes from a long term rental. No matter what your situation may be, a long term rental can benefit you in many various ways. The extra income that a long term rental would bring in is always a positive side. Despite the few charges that may have to come with maintenance on the property, the rent would outweigh the cost and you would still be making money. The upkeep of the yard would now be turned over to the tenant based on the rental agreement set in place. If you do not visit your property often or are gone for months on end, the landscaping can easily get out of control. Having a tenant who cares for the yard and the upkeep of your rental property takes that pressure and cost off of you as the homeowner.