Amanda Perry - Memorial

“In loving memory of Amanda Perry”, Amanda was our daughter and youngest sister to Reyn and Jill. She worked for our family business with real estate sales, property management and community management services for a long time. Amanda was the life of the party and filled every room she entered with her presence. You could not help but be drawn to her. She was a straight shooter and just called things out the way she saw it. She had a huge heart and would always stand up for anyone in need. She loved the underdog and would go to battle for them. As a child she would see someone disabled being bullied and she would walk right up to the bully and let them know that she was not going to have it. She had a fiery spirit that you just got caught up in. She would always lend an ear to anyone that needed a friend. Amanda loved the ocean, rivers, boating and fishing life style. You would find her most weekends near the water at Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, ICWW and Cape Fear River. Amanda worked at Dockside and The Fish House restaurants for many years and the friends she made there where for life. Like Christy, Heather, Casey, Candice and finance’ Isaac. Amanda enjoyed her twenties living on Wrightsville Beach, meeting so many amazing people. She purchased her first home in Wilmington with her two beloved cats Oliver and Teak Perry, large male orange tabby cats that worshiped her. She also had a few chickens that she raised from chicks. Amanda loved being outdoors with a fire pit burning. She would go out all night setting fishing lines in the Cape Fear River and bring home the her trophy catch. She was one of the bravest people we ever knew and a true inspiration in our life. We think of her daily and she remains an inspiration to guide us. We lost Amanda to breast cancer at the young age of 33, Always in our hearts!